Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Al Bewl

“I smile — and the Light of My Sun illuminates the entire Earth!

“Persia was always a source of confidential spiritual knowledge on the Earth. Pythagoras studied there, Jesus also travelled to Persia…

“What concerns My past, My story began a long time ago. I grew in the Sufi spiritual tradition — incarnation after incarnation. I will tell about it in more details later. This story will tell about My personal search for our Creator, about My trials and mistakes, about love, tenderness, and, of course, about Him — about Beloved Allah!

“Heed to His words! They are so beautiful!”

“What about Your recent incarnation in Iran?”

“I came to it as an almost Divine Soul. There is nothing special to tell about it. I recalled quickly what was mastered by Me in the previous incarnations — and I merged with Him! It was not difficult!

“I can only add that the outer conditions were not favorable that time. Yet, this even helped Me in certain sense…

“Find Me in the Depths under everything!

“I will embrace you with the Tenderness of Allah and will give Him — as a boundless Ocean — to you!”