Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



“I came to say thanks for translating your works into French! They are much needed in the French-speaking regions of the Earth!

“… I Myself developed in one of the oases on the north of Algeria. There was a School created by spiritual descendants of Sufi Grand Master.

“After that incarnation, living and working in the non-incarnate state during many centuries, I felt pity that there is no higher spiritual knowledge in that region! When people have no such knowledge, they are like newborn kittens who do not know where to seek their Goal!

“Only when people possess higher spiritual knowledge, there is a possibility for Us to help them very much!

“You all have this experience: for so many years Vladimir had to make hard efforts until he found the Creator, and then it was so easy for you to walk this Path paved by him! Now you together have made this Path more firm and beautiful, and it will be so pleasant and joyful for your numerous spiritual followers to walk it!”