Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Annie Besant

“I liked to sit near a fire with My friends, as you are doing now, or alone — and work meditatively with the fire by becoming it, by turning the consciousness into the Divine Flame. As a result, it formed as if a Volcano filled with Flame. The base of the Volcano and the source of the Fire were in the depth of the core of our planet.

“It was Me who showed these techniques to you, when you did not know Me personally yet…

“A more subtle state of the Divine Consciousness can be found beneath the core, deeper than the core. The core of the planet is one of the entrances to that state.

“This method is universal, it was known in the spiritual schools of Zoroastrianism, and in those existing in Tibet, and in the forest schools of ancient Russia, and in Chinese Taoist schools.

“… If it was raining, I lied near a fire, My body covered with a raincoat. And I listened to the quietness, dissolved in the quietness… The cover of the raincoat helped to create an illusion favorable for meditation: one can extend the raincoat’s sides turning them into the dome of the Universal Temple, in which one can easily find the deepest layer — the Abode of the Creator… I learned to fill this Temple with Myself… And the rain pattering on the ‘roof’ of the raincoat helped Me to feel the dome of the Temple

“Do you remember how I helped you to feel this Temple on corresponding places of power?”

“Yes! I am infinitely grateful to You! And I infinitely love You!”

“I also explained to you the methods of laya* and gave you yantras*…”

“Did You manage in Your last incarnation to take someone else with You into the Abode of the Creator?”

“No. No one understood Me! My friends perceived everything with the mind rather than with the heart as I did…

“And I did not know the methods of working with anahata which you have now…

“I had a developed spiritual heart, yet I had no memory about this. And I could not understand why people did not understand Me, why they could not live and feel as I did…

“I developed the spiritual heart earlier — at the time of My Indian incarnation. Krishna, Chaitanya, and Babaji were My non-incarnate Teachers…”

“What do You do now?”

“My friend Leadbeater is embodied now in India. He is a pundit* and writes a book. I help him.”

“How is he? Has he ‘achieved enlightenment’?”

“No, but any book has its own imperfections! His books even in the past awakened people from the sleep. And this time it will be the same.”