Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Apostle John

Jesus was with Us! Jesus was in Us! He united Our hearts in Himself! Through the Love of Jesus — We became One with the Father! The Heart of Jesus became the Heart of Every One of Us!

“The Love of Jesus smelts, transfigures, heals!

“God is Love! Jesus demonstrated this to people!

“Receive His Love into your hearts! This is the Love of the Father! This is the Love of Every One of Us!

“Here — in His Abode — All Who have cognized Him are One!

“… I will help everyone who wants to master the Love that Jesus talked about. It is enough just to address to Me recalling My name!

“I am One with the Father, and there is nothing impossible for Me! By the Power of the Father, I will create everything that is needed for teaching, all favorable conditions for development of My disciple! There is no power in the universe that can thwart this!

“But let those who ask Me for help, whom I will guide, make on their part all due efforts; without this successful advancement is not possible!

“They must be sensitive in order not to overlook My hints and guiding signs.

“They must be brave to believe in the possibility of direct guidance from God and follow it in life among atheists and pseudo-believers.

“They must be freedom-loving to be capable of breaking away from habitual worldly things and climbing to the heights that others consider unreachable.

“After all, is it possible to become like Jesus in a different way?

“Live for the future, for the life to come! Don’t get stuck in the swamp of daily problems and concerns!

“The future opens before you the shining prospects of the life in Me!”