Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Bogatyr of Russian Land

“What is Your name?”

“Bogatyr of the Russian land.”

“Was it Your real name? Did You have another name?”

“Bogatyr* means ‘the One Who carries God’. The usual human name has little significance for God-the-Father; the essence is more important.”

“Could You tell us about Yourself?”

“Well, listen to My story about God-the-Father and His Children — Bogatyrs. There were many of Them throughout Russia; They served God-the-Father and people!

“I loved the Earth beyond all measure!

“Expanse, fields — were My home!

“I lived on this land long ago, far before the coming of Orthodoxy to Russia.”

“How did You live?”

“How I lived? — very simply: I cognized God-the-Father in My spiritual heart, and soon His Sprout appeared in Me, in My heart.

“I cared about this Sprout: I fed it with love and tenderness, protected it from evil.

“This Sprout grew into a powerful Tree and united two hearts: Mine and God’s.

“I grew this Tree not for Myself but for people: I wanted to help them learn how one can live a happy life on the Earth!

“A happy life is not possible if one does not know God-the-Father! If an earthly joy comes to man, it disappears very soon… A joy could be as small as a grain, but when it leaves there remains much sorrow…

“I cognized the Great Path to God-the-Father — the Straight Path! This Path goes through love — from the human heart to the heart of universal God.

“Only the heart knows the way! Not the physical heart that beats in the chest but the spiritual heart. It resides initially in the chest and begins to grow from within it far outside the body, to expand to all the Earth and even farther!

“It is not a fantasy but reality! But people more willingly accept all kinds of false ideas which can justify their vices and misdeeds… And they regard the Truth as fantasy… Why does it happen so? — because of the perverted mind…

“This is why one should seek the Truth with the heart, first of all! And let the mind become a helper in this quest!

“What you gain at the end of this Path will be a reward for your efforts! As free and pure souls you will enter the Home of God-the-Father — to live in universal love and harmony, and to serve the common good!

“There is no happiness higher than this!”