Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Divine Imam

In a high and thick fir forest, there is an oblong low dell overgrown with young birches. There reside bright, consisting of Divine Goldish Fire, Mahadoubles of Eaglestform and Babaji. And there is also He Whom we formerly called simply the Divine Sufi. On this place, He gave us and our students the first states of Samadhi. Near Him stands His Divine Disciple Karas.

This time we came to the Divine Sufi with the purpose of making a closer acquaintance. We ask Him to relate about Himself.

He does not reply immediately, but suggests to attune to Him once more and again gives us a most intense feeling of Divine Bliss… Only then He replies:

“Allah is one! There is no God but Allah! We All — in Him — are One!

“This is clear enough for you, but many other people delay themselves by not gaining this understanding.”

“How should we call You?”

“The only name is the name of Allah!”

“Tell us please how You developed to the state of Allah.”

“I do not remember it, do not know it, and do not want to know it! I came to know the Oneness with Allah — and dropped the rest from My memory. It was not of value for Me any longer.”

“Tell us, at least, where were You embodied the last time?”

“In Persia, in the land of modern Iran, at the time of the last padishah. I served in a mosque as an imam. At that time, around that mosque an oasis bloomed: people came there to touch Me…

“But I did not develop Myself at that time: I had another status already — the status of Allah. And I represented the Creator for people.”

“What recommendations can You give us?”

“Everything will go on according to the Will of Allah; there is no need to peep too far in the future. Proceed with your current affairs. Insh’Allah! — Let it be as Allah wills!”

“What would You say about our present level?”

“You have mastered the ‘platform’. Now you have to master being Allah.”

“But to what extent is it possible for a person in the embodied state?”

“It is not only possible, but is necessary for all of you.”


“You know how. There is no need to invent something else. You will succeed! You just need to substitute your will with the Will of Allah!”

“What could You say to beginners?”

“I would like to tell them about Sufism.

“Many understand Sufism as one of numerous religious doctrines with its own set of rules, dogmas, directions. Yet, Sufism is not a ‘dead’ set of rules. Sufism is life, a way of life based on love. Therefore, any person regardless of the confession — a Christian or a Buddhist — can be called Sufi if his or her heart, full of love, longs for Me and wants to embrace with love the entire world.*

“To be a Sufi means to live by the Beauty — the Beauty of God! Wherever the heart of a Sufi turns — there it should see the Beauty of the Beloved invisible to the ordinary eye. The whole world is pervaded with His Beauty, which is perceivable only to the eyes of a loving heart!

“Now, who can become a Sufi? Is it possible only for people living in the East? And who is a Sufi, anyway? Is it the one who just proclaimed oneself so? Or the one who was attached to a certain tradition and wears special clothes?

“One can become a Sufi independent of which corner of the Earth he or she was born or lives now. A true Sufi is the one who does not take the eyes of the loving heart off the Beauty of the Beloved, the one who lives by this Beauty!

“Tell us please about Yourself.”

“My Path is the path of dissolution of ‘oneself’ in Allah! I am the Great Silence of Allah filled with sounding of strings of the Souls Who merged into Allah.”

“Why are You on this place — which is visited almost by no one of the incarnate people?”

“You visit it… Besides… it is so blissful to permeate the Earth with the Light of Allah!

“Blend with Me completely! And let the Flow of Allah stream through your body!

“… Samadhi is the state when Allah enters your spiritual heart inside your body. Nirvana is when you can submerge into the Heart of the Absolute and dissolve in It. And then only Allah remains. Discover the connectedness of these states. And rise from the Depths to the body filling it with the Light of Allah! Let it be only the Light of Allah everywhere, even inside your body!

“I have been teaching this always: when I was embodied and now when I have no body. I taught this to you and to many others…”

“Were You capable of dematerializing and materializing Your material body?”

“What is the need of it? In the last incarnation, I did not perceive Myself as a body at all! I had entered the body with the purpose of bringing to people the knowledge about the One. His Omnipotence manifested through My body whenever it was necessary.

“But I never worked miracles for attracting attention. I worked in a different way. I filled the hearts with the Light of Allah, giving to people a possibility to experience His Love. I taught naught but Love. It was My Mission — to make it possible for seekers to touch Him!

“There is a border where your meditation ceases. There you cease to be as an individuality. Beyond this border, there is only Love, Which is Allah!

“I dissolve in Myself those who come to Me with love in the heart! And the Light of Allah fills them!

“The heart which has nothing but love for Allah allows Me to enter it.

“I bring Myself closer to them if they are little.

“I submerge them into Myself if they are large. I submerge them into Allah to that depth which they have grown up to.

“But always it is the same thing that happens — dissolution in the Light of Allah!”