Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



“I grew during many incarnations; I was embodied not only in Russia but in other countries as well, including those of the East.

“I had two incarnations in Russia.

“One of them was in very ancient Russia, which is little known to modern people: all information about it is forgotten, lost — even in folk tales.

“In that time, in the Russian land there was a free and kind way of life, which later was shackled, destroyed by the inquisition and internal wars.

“The second incarnation took place later, in Kiev’s Russia.

“God gave Me then a large and strong body. Thanks to the positive development in the past incarnations, I was free from anger, hatred, and aggressiveness. The developed consciousness allowed Me to walk boldly the life path and to help others. I knew martial arts. I could easily compose stories.

“In that incarnation, My main life principle was an aspiration to do good, to stand for justice. The aspiration to follow this principle was present deep in Me. For Me it was completely unacceptable to betray, to give up to fear, to deceive others out of mean intentions. In the relationships with other people I was always straight, open, honest.

“I also want to advise those who begin their spiritual Path:

“Never turn from the Path out of fear of difficulties or danger! It is an illusion that by going around the difficulties on the Path one can achieve success more quickly! Such wavering makes one to wander without advancing forward! Only those who defy difficulties and aspire directly towards the Goal can confidently achieve success!”

* * *

“… One has to create or restore the customs of kindness!

“One has to develop positive rather than destructive thinking!

“One has to make the way of life, which is virtuous in the eyes of God, the rule rather than an exception!

“The paradisiacal state of the soul must be the norm for man! This is the intention of God! It is from this stage that man can ascend through the steps of self-development towards the Creator!

“If man falls out of harmony than this has to be regarded as a deviation from the norm, as an illness!

“This is the change in the worldview on the planet that We told about!

“For realization of this goal one can use various methods: web sites, books, articles, fairy tales, photographs, films, etc.

“Every One of Us would like to contribute to this work. And it is through your body that this can be done most quickly.

“Be open to such contacts! With your help, We can do much for people! Every One of Us wants to contribute to the restoration of spirituality on the Earth! Be always open to allow these Divine Intentions to be realized most quickly!”