Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Helena Sabashnikova

Once our Teachers suggested that we visit one of the difficult-to-access areas at the coast of the Black Sea.

We went there by car.

When we were about 40 km away from the coast, we felt that we had crossed the border of a working site of a Divine Teacher unknown to us.

We stopped and looked around. It was a Divine Mahadouble giant in size; it was like a non-material sun several tens of kilometers in size that rose from the Abode of the Creator!

“Could You tell us Your name?”

“Helena Sabashnikova.”

… Then for a long time we explored this area with its remarkable possibilities for spiritual work. We chose a place on the coast most suitable for meditations and stayed there.

Soon we noticed bottlenose dolphins swimming about not far away from the beach.

Then a large beluga, two meters long, swam close to us. First we thought it was a dolphin. But dolphins come to surface from time to time, and this fish did not. Having noticed us, it quickly swam away and disappeared in the sea.

After that, we noticed in the water close to our feet a small shark — spiny dogfish — about half a meter in size. For the first time we could see a shark in the sea, not on TV!

Yet, we came here for the sake of God — He is most important to us!

It turned out that one of the favorite higher meditations of Helena Sabashnikova was the meditation Temple. We discovered that this place of Hers was most suitable for mastering this and other meditative methods of a similar level of complexity. It was like an open gate to the Primordial Consciousness!…

Very close to Helena Sabashnikova there was Divine Pythagoras showing us His favorite meditations…

We asked Helena:

“Will You tell us about Yourself?”

“I will tell those parts of My biography that can be useful for incarnate people.

“Before the last incarnation I had two other important incarnations on the Earth.

“The first one of them took place in the 11th century in the territory of modern Ukraine. That time I was incarnated in a strong male body and became a merchant. I traveled a lot, in particular, by rivers and by the sea. I wanted to visit other countries, other nations rather than to accumulate material wealth. I was in India too. This incarnation ensured for Me significant growth of the personal power and development of the intellect. In that incarnation I developed also the aspiration to cognition of God.

“My next incarnation took place in India in the 17th century. It was fully dedicated to meditation. I missed a little bit and had not managed to achieve Perfection: I missed the ability to dissolve Myself completely in the Creator and to remain in this Mergence. A powerful personal ‘I’ capable of performing strong meditations may have difficulties with dissolving and disappearing in Ishvara: in the Primordial Consciousness. Without such a disappearance one cannot gain Birth in Him.

“In the last incarnation I lived in a female body at the turn of 20th century in Russia. Having a female body can be very beneficial on the Path, because the desire to give oneself to the beloved, to dissolve in him is more inherent in women.

“In Europe of that time, there was a large interest to the spiritual heritage of India, and many books with esoteric research appeared. I read them and perceived the information not ‘with the head’, as most people do, but with the developed consciousness, which recalled and reproduced the experience of meditative states cognized in the past. Some words and phrases served as impulses that allowed Me to submerge into the Boundless Primordial Light; I longed so much for Unity with It!

“India attracted Me. It seemed to Me that it was enough just to come there and I would find God, would achieve the long-awaited Unity…

“And God helped Me realize this dream.

“I married the merchant Sabashnikov; My family name comes from Him. His business flourished. He encouraged My spiritual search and could provide Me with necessary funds.

“So, I went on a spiritual journey to India. I did not seek exotics but strived to gain cognition of universal God.

“I did not find a spiritual Master who could help Me in this task. But non-incarnate God — Krishna and other Representatives of the Creator — guided Me through places of power. I did not know about places of power but could feel the changing energy of the surrounding space and could attune to it. I perceived it as Divine Darshans and tried to retain these states as long as I could, tried not to lose the Unity which I gained in meditations. Thus, submerging deeper into Him, I grew in Mergence.

“After coming back to Russia I did not write books or memoirs: the revolution happened and changed the way of life of very many people… For Me it brought an end of My incarnation, and I came to the Home of the Creator!

“Now I am glad to help you in the development of the ideas of ecopsychology and ecotourism: I, too, walked this path.

“I embrace you! You cannot imagine how much I love you! There are no words to express it! You are the first of incarnate people who managed to perceive Me here completely!

“I will invite you to come here to Me again and again!”