Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



“What can you advise us regarding our spiritual advancement? How can we accelerate everything to become like You faster?”

“Don’t rush! The time hasn’t come yet. The development goes gradually.

“Each one of Us takes care of you, and there are no obstacles on your path! There is no sense in accelerating the process of development right now! The qualitative and quantitative growth of consciousness should complement one another.”

“We wish to have enough time to master all this!”

“Those have enough time who do not stop working!

“When a person who stands on the spiritual Path gives up, his or her body dies, and then he or she continues his or her growth in the next incarnation, depending on that karma which he or she had created for himself or herself.

“Yet if a person keeps making efforts and moving in the correct direction, God gives everything necessary to such a person!

“In other words, you should not stop! Let nothing earthly tempt you!

“I have another observation that is not directly related to you: one of the causes of stopping could be earthly glory. When one starts looking for glory and admiration of people and dedicates one’s life to increasing this attitude of others towards oneself, the development of this soul stops and the body of such a one dies quickly as well.

“As for you, I entrust you with the task of bringing this knowledge to all people of the Earth, of explaining the Truth in such a way that everyone can understand his or her life-path: from the earthly to the Divinity!

“The knowledge that you have accumulated already is great, but you need to continue this work until I say: ‘Wow, that’s enough! The limit of satiation of people with the knowledge about God is reached!’”