Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



“A long, long time ago, when I was a little girl in My last incarnation, I learned to walk barefoot on the desert sand and meditate.

“My grandfather was a pharaoh and helped Me in My development from My early childhood.”

Isis shows how at the age of six, She would walk in the morning together with Her grandfather on the sand of the desert.

“The detachment of warriors who protected My grandfather walked farther away from us, so that we were both left alone, and so that no incarnate person could interfere. In this way, we would walk through the special places in the desert, and each time My grandfather would reveal to Me a new portion of the knowledge about how it is possible to cognize God in the Heaven, Which is around the Earth, not above, but around our spherical planet and within it.

“The fact that the Earth is round and is surrounded by the universe on all sides was perfectly known by the people of that part of the Earth. It is from there that the meditative tradition, the doors into which I am opening right now for you all, originated.

“What you called the ‘third floor’… The Consciousness, Which exists there, is not found above in relation to our planet, that is, in relation to the point in which your bodies remain, but is instead found around the entire Earth and also within the planet beneath the core.

“The cognizing of God state, where you found the ‘third floor’… From the moment in which I learned to connect the state, which exists above in relation to the planet, with that, which exists below in relation to the planet, and to experience Myself in the same stratum of space directly below My material body, everything changed. This ability played a very important role in My life.

“When Hermes Trismegistus wrote His formula about That Which is above and That Which is below, He did not mean by this the Ocean of the Divine Fire, but instead the Knowledge that I am explaining to you all — right now.

“That, which you all received and understood throughout all the history of your personal efforts and achievements, — this is your great happiness! I am speaking about the breadth and universality of your knowledge!

“However, the Divinity, i.e., the state that you yourselves have observed in Me and in Master M, can be reached by a completely different way: through that, which I have just explained.

“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possible to achieve this, not only due to having the corresponding knowledge, but also the special places for this work, places that are now known as places of power.

“You yourselves understand that it is not possible to find the ‘third floor’ in an easy and convenient manner from just any point on the surface of the Earth. That, which We propose you to cognize now, will enrich your experience and will increase your stability in unfavorable earthly situations.

“Through the methods that I just explained to you all, it becomes very easy to learn to remove the matter of the body and later put it back again. If we start from your personal interests, the matter of the bodies is no longer necessary for you all. Nevertheless, there exists the service, in which everything about Me and about all of Us must be explained to the people who thirst for spiritual knowledge.

“Well, it is time to finish our conversation. I embrace you all!”

“Alright! But please don’t go! Tell us more!”

“You should first fulfill what I have already said!”

“That, which You are proposing us to do now, is similar to what Adler advised us to do previously! I am talking about the meditation the ‘Full Stature of Adler’. In this meditation, we also do not experience the material plane of the Earth, but instead we remain in the primordial stratum beneath the matter and beneath the rest of the planet.”


“So, what do we find on the ‘third floor’? It is not the state of Turiya of God nor is it the state of His Fire. It is, rather, a state of Light. Isis, what can You say about this?”


“Yes. This is the Divine Light. The books of Thoth the Atlantean indicate that there exists the Divine Light and the Divine Fire. Both these states of Him exist.

“We are talking about both the Divine Light and the Divine Fire, with the understanding that They are different states. In this particular case, what is the ‘third floor’? We never saw the Divine Fire there, as It is, i.e., flaming, mobile. There, one always perceives the calm Divine Light, the Light of the Holy Spirits, Which have merged into One.

“We can situate ourselves, being Mahadoubles, in the ‘third floor’. If we grow in the ‘third floor’, being Mahadoubles, and become bigger than the Earth, it will be very easy for us to embrace the Earth as a globe and, among other things, to find ourselves beneath the planet. It is easy to do this, when we have grown to a large enough size. We simply have to grow and grow as Mahadoubles in the ‘third floor’, which we already know how to do.

“Of course, in this case, it is necessary to fill our planet with ourselves, maintaining the level of subtlety of the ‘third floor’.”


“Isis shows that the state of the entire ‘third floor’ is like a giant anahata that contains the whole planet and remains in the state of ‘total reciprocity’ in the Brahmanic Light (i.e., in the united Light of many Holy Spirits). This state is very typical of Isis, the state of a Universal Mother Who cares for all beings of the Earth.”


“What is the relation between the Divine Fire That was shown to us by Khem, for example, — and the Light of the ‘third floor’?”


“Become this Fire — and you yourself will see! They are identical states, it is the same eon. Enter the Fire — and become Him! Then, once again, enter into the luminous Calm of Brahman.

“The ability of easy transitions between the calm Divine Light — and the Divine Fire, as you call It, is the Highest Happiness in Existence!

“We, the Divine Teachers, live in this unceasing Happiness! It is Joy and unbroken Smiles, it is mutual Embraces and Oneness in the Love with All Who have cognized this Divine Essence!

“If people seek the state of Eternal Love — this is My state, among Others!

“I am very happy with how Vladimir explained in his books the necessity for the sexual aspect of love (specifically of love, and not just sex) to reach the state of God! It is very important on the spiritual Path!”

* * *

“Today we will talk more in order to tell people something new about ‘gods’ and about the myths of antiquity, about human love and about Divine Love.

“God is He and She. It is the Multitude of the mutually dissolved Souls Which have achieved the Oneness with the Primordial.

“He is around and within each human body all the time! It would be beneficial for people to know this!”

“May we see Your Appearance?”

Isis consented.

She has blue eyes under black eyelashes, eyebrows clearly traced, thick hair down to the waist, white skin with a golden tan, very straight posture, and squared shoulders. Her slender body is filled with incredible force, but Her movements are soft and gentle.

“In Her appearance as a priestess nothing is pretentious, shown only for the public. Her grandeur and internal brilliance come from the Oneness with the Light-Fire. Her radiance originates in the Depths.”

She is so big that She embraces the entire planet with Herself.

Her soft tenderness embraces us from all sides.

Normally, love is perceived as an irradiation from a certain center towards an object. Isis, on the other hand, embraces with Her Love from all sides. We experience ourselves within the Ocean of Divine Light-Love.

In this way, Isis embraces with Her Love-Care all beings of the Earth! All incarnate and non-incarnate souls, as well as the entire globe, are wrapped and saturated by Her!

Isis continued:

“Yes, My Embraces are wide! The whole Earth is within them! And each life on this planet grows within Me!

“You may ask: ‘And what about people of evil? Do I love them too?’.

“Yes, I love them with the Wise and Divine Love! If it were not for this Love, no one among the vicious and lost people would be able to return to the Path of transformation of oneselves as souls and to the cognition of the Divinity!

“Even from hell, some souls are incarnated, obtaining the opportunity to change. In the material world, they will once again see good and evil and will be able to make their own decisive choices.”

“How do You tolerate their defects?”

“There is no pain in Me, only Patience and Love. I wait for when the lost children want to come back Home!”

“According to myths that have come to us, You were the wife of Osiris?”

Assyris, Whom you all have gotten to know long ago, and Osiris are the same Great Divine Soul. He manifested His bodily appearance on the Earth many times throughout history.

“The myths and legends of Egypt have moved so far away from the real life of the Divine Souls that, over time, I have to speak about this in more detail.

“It is the same case with the myths about Osiris and Isis. In these, there is a naïve attempt to tell about the relations between masculine and feminine, about the act of the creation of the material component of the universe, and about the correlation between good and bad in the Creation. In these myths, reality is transformed into scary stories about supposedly real ‘gods’.

“Yet, many of the names of the mythical ‘gods’ and ‘heroes’ are related to actual Divine Souls.

“I Myself supported the so called ‘cults’ of the Mother-Goddess and of the Mother-Earth among different peoples for centuries.

“Of course, I was not the only one Who responded with help to the sincere pleas of pure souls. For the feminine aspect of the Divinity is represented by many Souls. All the most luminous aspirations of love, of family happiness, of maternity, and of care for children always found support ‘in Heaven’!”