Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



“I invite you to the Inner Abode of the Spirit! It is there that the flowers of the Divine Love bloom!

“My Divine Teacher Lao taught love through working with anahata and growth of the spiritual heart. Not just meditations, but His whole life and the lives of every one of us were aimed at growth of love! The hands of the spiritual heart which give light, care, caress — we worked with them all the time: when meditating, or planting flowers in the ashram, when healing, dancing, creating harmony in our houses and gardens.

“This is how Love grew in us, so that we could take on our palms all evolving souls of the Earth!

“This is how Lao opened the Inner Temple of every soul ready for it — the Temple where abides the Primordial Essence of everything.”

* * *

“One should cross the threshold: from oneself to Him! One should become Him!

“You can learn this, stretching again and again the Arms of Care from the Primordial Existence to all incarnate beings.

“God is the Creator of Himself! He does this, taking care of incarnate beings.

“God is the One Who has the great and exclusive right to be called the Universal ‘I’!

“To become Him, one should live like known to you Buddha-2, Who stretches millions of Arms to millions of living beings, including even to each blade of grass, and loves them all, being in the Mergence with them!

“I wish all of you that which is the most pleasant! I wish all of you the highest wellbeing!”