Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Mary Magdalene

One day we were going to a certain working site, and when we were passing by the place of power of Jesus, He invited us to visit Him.

He said: “I must say a few words to you and give you an assignment: you should tell people about My Disciple and travelling Companion — Mary Magdalene.

“I certainly understand that it is not possible to cover All Those Who reached Mergence with God-the-Father in one book... However, I ask you to dedicate at least a few pages to My beloved Mary! Her love and devotion deserve to be mentioned and described so that they can serve as an example for many people! You could try to gather all that you have perceived during your many meetings with Her.”

... We often visited a favorite place of Mary Magdalene. It was Her working site near a lake, on a high hill overgrown with pine trees and heather. Almost always the Apostle Mark was also present there. Jesus and many Other Divine Teachers often gathered on this place to meet and talk with us.

... We are sitting in the quietness of a forest and in the beauty of a morn, being accompanied by Mary. Other Divine Teachers are also nearby. They are Those Who have attained Immortality and open with Themselves an entrance to the world of Light, Love, and Great Divine Perfection, the world in which there are no diseases or suffering, sorrows or fears, the world of Love, Which can work great miracles.

Here, on this place, one can master numerous meditations, but for today, the Subtlety and Tenderness that Mary Magdalene demonstrates with Herself as a Consciousness are the most important.

It is not easy to transmit the peculiarity of Her state using only words. It is an amazing transforming Tenderness!

One needs to imprint this Tenderness, saturate oneself with It, and learn to give It to other people who are worthy!

Her appearance is beautiful! She has endearing amber-brown eyes and long, thick, and slightly wavy hair...

Everything around us dissolves in the gentle and caressing Light of the Consciousness. This Light enters everyone who merges with Her in reciprocal love. It seems that Her Light washes from the soul all sorrows or painful wounds of the past if they still are present. This is the state that heals souls and calls them for the great Love-Devotion for God!

She shows that one can live radiating and giving the identical Tenderness!

It seems to me that it is impossible to forget Her if one manages to feel, at least once, what She shows! It is also impossible to remain the same person after this!

She gives an understanding that even those souls who were crippled by a life in sins and vices have the possibility to cleanse themselves, to heal themselves, and to transform themselves through immersion in God’s Love and through self-transformation into the identical Love!

She says:

“There is no sinner for whom salvation is impossible! Nevertheless, there are those who — in their spiritual blindness — do not want to be saved...

“On the contrary, those who have opened their eyes for the Truth and who yearn for salvation can really transform themselves!

“To explain this, Jesus came to the people of Earth!”

... Once, when Mary and Jesus were with us, it was possible to attune ourselves to Them and see how They looked at each other, how They interacted.

On this day, They gave us the model of Love between Souls Who attained the Perfection.

They are an example of the fact that a special connection between Those Who loved one another, being in bodies on the Earth, can be preserved in the Divine world as well.

Mary suggested:

“Try to see Jesus with My eyes! Then it will be easier for you to understand Me and to hear My words in your spiritual heart connected with Mine!

“Feel the way I lived:

“I looked only at Him! I looked at the entire world as if through Him, with His eyes. I was learning to think as He thought! Through the love of Jesus, I cognized the Love of the Heavenly Father!

“I did not separate Myself from the Love of Jesus even for a moment! I lived in it: I breathed, I thought, I ate, I drank, I went to sleep and got up, I spoke and was silent!

“Love for Him was in Me all the time! It became like a principal part of the soul! Love was like the air I breathed, like the space of His Light in Which I lived constantly!

“I could not stop loving Him even for a single moment; His body might be near or not — this didn’t matter!

“In this way — gradually — one can learn to love God, including in the Form That is not incarnated in a body. In this way, one can learn to live feeling permanently the Presence of God!

“The love for the One Who has cognized the Heavenly Father can transform the souls and change people’s destinies!

“He spoke to be heard by people. That is why We will repeat His words again and again!

“We should carry the Truth to people! It is essential because souls are wandering in darkness without the Truth and do not know about the Divine Light! And the hearts grow cold, the hearts of those who do not know about the great and transforming miracle of God’s Love...

“His Teachings are necessary for souls so that they can cognize Love and Light!

“Describe Jesus! Describe His eyes and hands! The Light, Which is not visible to the material eyes, flows inside His hands! In them, there is the creative Power of the Heavenly Father!

“Explain also how the power of His Love enters the hearts of people if they attune themselves to Him. Then their own power grows up, and their healing becomes possible!

“Describe also those who do not understand Him, whose minds are so blindly committed to the dogmas of a false faith that they do not listen to the Truth! It is fundamental to speak about this again, because centuries have passed — and new dogmas that eclipse the Truth about God have appeared...

“It is so difficult for a blind heart to find its way to the Heavenly Father! Teach hearts to be capable of seeing!

“Only love begets wisdom!

“Describe as well the magic of the Communion with the Divine Love and with the life in the Light and in the Truth!

“One can take a real Communion by becoming a Part of that Love in Which We All are One in the Infinite Tenderness and Omnipotence of God!

“Words are not enough: they can’t express everything! However, these words are filled with Our Light!

“... I will tell you much more about Him. Maybe, later on it will turn into the Book about the Master Jesus, or it will be Parables from Mary Magdalene...”