Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Master M

“Where did You incarnate Yourself? And when?”

“I incarnated Myself on the Eurasian continent in a time that modern historical science has not yet studied. This occurred in the epoch that preceded the flowering of Atlantis. The civilization was slightly different than the modern one, but the Higher Knowledge was, is, and will always be the same. You all know this well.”

“Will You tell us about Yourself?”

“No, it would be better, if I show Myself to you.”

Master M filled the space with the Ocean of the most subtle Transparency and Purity. This state was consolidated by the very tender and soft Power of a great number of His Divine Arms.

“And now, yes, we can get to know each other! Unite with Me! Flow into Me!”

The distinctive trait of Master M is the constant and complete Divine Transparency. He never condenses Himself, not even to show His colossal Appearance to His disciples.

“Yes, gradually, as you all grow, there will come a time to get aquainted with the Souls Whose Greatness was before beyond your capacity to perceive. But for now, the lessons of these Souls will be timely and convenient.

“I am a Part of the Power That creates and, when the time is up, absorbs “the manifested” in Itself.

“In this way, I let the new Souls, the new Particles of the Divine United We, enter into the Primordial Calm.

“The Earth is a planet on which I have always been. And I will always be here! But I am also a Part of the Great Ocean, Which is Everything!

“When the Unity with Me has been achieved, you should also tune your mind to Me. Do not let your attention be shifted to other denser dimensions! Become the crystalline Transparency, like I am! Learn to not resonate with thoughts, emotions, or other denser manifestations of other people or circumstances! It is possible to perceive everything perfectly without tuning yourself to the denser stratums of the Absolute!

“You should learn to live in such Calm of Mine! In this way, you will be able to master the Perfect, Divine actions. This, in turn, will then give you the right to use the Common Power.

“I see from there, from the Great Tranquility, even an evident evil.

“I do not cry for those who have chosen a lamentable destiny for themselves, instead I wait for the time when they change their opinion and transform themselves, having learned from the painful lessons of their lives.

“I am always willing to help all those who want to accept My Love and Help!”