Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Oleg Suhodolskiy

We went away a little bit from the lake of Giant to gather mushrooms and then to build a fire and have a lunch. Nearby there is another lake; tens of years ago we lived near it in tents and ran over forest trails training in meditative running*. These exercises helped us so much! They ensured the stability in subtle meditative states, provided us with the power of consciousness necessary for further advancement.

And in subsequent years we also came here to a remarkable place of power with the purpose of mastering calm in transmirror eons and crystallizing the consciousness in them. Here, as on many other places of power, — there are unique mushroom places!

All of a sudden, we see another Divine Teacher whom we have never met before. He stands higher than the forest, coming out from the Abode of the Creator, athletic, neat, radiating joy.

“What is Your name?”

“Oleg Suhodolskiy!”

… Another Russian Divine Teacher? Wonderful!

“I am Russian, but not from Russia… I lived here before World War II when this region was a part of Finland.”

“What did You do?


“In what sense? In spiritual? Were You a spiritual Pastor?”

“Yes. I lived here and was happy that I did not live in the country ruled by the Soviet government. Here I shepherded young souls… Then the Soviet intervention began… I was not drafted into the Finnish army: I was Russian… I did not leave together with Finns to the north: I was Russian… Yet Russians captured Me and sent Me to a penal camp as a traitor… In the camp I died: I was killed by a guard when I tried to escape.

“And now I ‘shepherd’ here all who come to this place. I shepherded you as well when you worked in this forest but did not know Me.”

“We thank You very much!

“Tell us: did You attain Divinity in this last incarnation or were You born being already Divine?”

“There remained a little of the Path I had to walk…

“In the last incarnation I was engaged in sports: running, jumping, I worked with sport apparatuses. And it is sport training that allowed Me to master easily the crystallization of the consciousness.

“My earthly Father wrote books, yet it was not related to fiction. His profession was optics and production of eyeglasses. He was a highly educated and talented person. I am very grateful to him: he raised Me very correctly. Our family moved to Finland in 1914. My mother died when I was a little boy, and she did not play a significant role in My education in childhood.

“I came to the last incarnation almost fully ready for entering forever the Abode of the Creator. I needed to do a little. I grew — as a consciousness — as powerful and pure Light. And I flowed into the Creator immediately once I was disembodied.”

“Did You know the states of Mergence with the Creator when You lived in Your body?”

“Yes, I knew these states.”

“What did You teach people in Your last incarnation?”

“I taught them sport training, correct positive emotional mood, vigor and energy.”

“Who was Your Teacher before that incarnation?”

“It was in Europe. (He shows a Teacher of a Hindu appearance who worked at that time in Europe). He was a Swami.”

“What did this Swami teach?”

“Buddhi Yoga. It was the same as in your case! The highest Yoga is the same everywhere: a giant and active spiritual heart, the arms of the consciousness, moving with the help of these arms of the consciousness from one layer of the multidimensionality into another, and — the Abode of the Creator!”

“Why did You need to be incarnated once more?”

“I just missed a little of the strengths of consciousness. I grew it — and entered the Creator.”

“Was it a male or female incarnation?”

“I was a boy and cognized everything at a very young age. But I passed away soon — at the age of fourteen, thus I did not have enough strength for entering the Abode. But in the next incarnation I developed power.”*

“What did You do between incarnations?”

“I was embodied almost immediately, in less than one month.”

“Who taught You the meditations of Buddhi Yoga?”

“I lived in Europe, on the mainland, in a place close to the western part of Scandinavia. In the countries of that region, Guru Swami Abhedananda worked.

“Did You choose Yourself where You were going to be incarnated the last time?”

“Of course not, I was disembodied as a child!”

“How did the process of Your incarnation happen?”

“I just found Myself inside a body…”

“What earlier incarnations of Yours were most important for Your spiritual development?”

“A Native American incarnation on the north of South America. After it, I was embodied several times in the north of mainland Europe.”

“What would You advise us now?”

“Feel yourself in a boat on the lake, at the time of dawn!

“Recall how in the past you sat with a fishing pole. This develops one so well on corresponding stages, allowing one to merge with the Beauty, Harmony, and Quietness!

“Yes, I remember it. Without this experience which helped Me to develop the ability to be calm, the ability to expand with the soul over the expanse of lakes — probably without it I would not have managed to achieve success today!…”

“Embrace Me, My friends! Feel Me and yourselves as one! If you feel Me as one with yourselves — you can overcome everything!

“Feel Me constantly among you! I will show much to each one of you! We will do good deeds on the Earth together!

“… Now let us come back to the present day… I love these lakes so much! And I love those incarnate people who also enjoy the beauty of these lakes when visiting them!”