Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



During one of our conversations about the importance, on the spiritual Path, of the system of the stages of Yoga by Patanjali (you can find more details about this in book [7]), He personally came to us, manifesting Himself vividly as the Giant Consciousness full of Light.

When we asked Him whether He achieved the Divinity, He answered:

“You yourself can see it!”

Then He continued:

“I have not only written down wise words, generalizing and systematizing other's experiences, but also made this experience the reality of My life!

“Not those who just understand the correctness of different ethical or meditative truths, but those who fulfill each stage of Ashtanga Yoga in their lives become worthy of the Union with the Creator of all existing! The Unity with Him is the true Immortality, the transition of the soul from a human life to the life of God!”

“Do you have Your own working sites?

“Yes, I do. Most of them are in India, but there are also those which are located in the United States of America and in Europe. I take care of those spiritual centers where the ethical purity, self-discipline and healthy growth of souls towards the Divine Perfection are cultivated.”

“Are these serious spiritual centers with which we should establish contact?”

“Rather no than yes. These are correctly orientated groups of the initial level. Most of the people there are too far from Buddhi Yoga.

“I, as well as all other Divine Teachers, am ready to help all those who move in the correct evolutionary direction. Yet you understand how the help provided to those who make their first timid steps towards the Light differs from the help provided to the mature souls.

“I am ready to help each one to see inside himself or herself those faults or vices which it is time to eliminate!

“I am ready to help all those who aspire for the purification and transformation of the souls, to all those who really follow the Path of Yoga!

“I can teach those who are truly ready to work on themselves how to overcome whims and the lack of the discipline of the mind!

“I am ready to teach those, who have purified and refined themselves, how to master Samadhi, preparing oneself in this way for the Union with the Divine Consciousness!

“However, I do not support those who fan their ‘egos’, thinking that they know everything just because they ‘have read about Patanjali’! Those who just have read and are proud of it, instead of putting into the practice at least the first stages of the scheme, lose much in their lives! This terrible disease of the spiritual blindness towards one’s own imperfections is very contagious! Many of those who glorify themselves as ‘gurus’ are affected by it!

“Those who didn’t manage to master ahimsa and tapas, aparigraha and santosha, sathya and asteya can’t expect to gain victory on the spiritual Path!

“‘Gaps’ in the transformation of the soul are the cause that one has to pass again and again through problematic situations during one’s new incarnations!

“Only those who work tirelessly on the transformation of themselves as souls and eliminate all their faults can escape from suffering and reach the Bliss of Mergence!”