Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



I see a huge Mahadouble of a Divine Teacher among fields. I come closer. There is Purity, Transparency, Tenderness, and Calm inside Him. Here it is very good to cleanse the body from energy contaminations. It is also good to work with different variants of the meditation Pyramid.

“What is Your name?”


“Are You joking?”

“Not at all! This is how the locals called Me in My last earthly incarnation in South America.”

“Tell me about Yourself, please!”

“I was one of the Atlanteans Who were the bearers of the true knowledge about God.

“Having left Atlantis before it submerged into the ocean, I went to South America to continue My service to incarnate people there.

“At that time, scattered Native American tribes lived on that continent. I settled on the border between modern Bolivia and Peru, near the Lake Titicaca. It was a paradise on the Earth! Nature, including the climate, and everything else here were favorable for creating a new civilization with the true spiritual knowledge. So I set to work.

“First of all, I had to win the confidence of the locals, build some housing, and create a scientific-cultural center where I would be able to teach people.

“I started the construction of the capital of a new civilization with a pyramid. By using knowledge of the Atlanteans, with the help of the Divine Power, I moved and processed stones. A magnificent structure was growing day after day. That structure was convenient for My Mission in many ways: it was a temple, a house, a castle, and a scientific-cultural center at the same time.

“Of course, I had helpers among the locals. I wasn’t doing all this alone.

“Gradually, the people of that area started trusting Me and respecting Me. They came to the pyramid, and I taught them different sciences, crafts, and healing methods. But the most important thing that I taught was how to live properly in the world, by observing the Supreme Laws of the Creator.

“Before this, they had worshiped many gods. I, on the contrary, taught them that there is One Universal God and that He is the One Who controls the entire world. I also taught that He lives in the boundless depths under the world of dense matter and that it is necessary to study those depths.

“I did not force them to abandon their customs and beliefs but instead gradually introduced the conception of One God-Creator into their worldview. In order to help them to accept easier the knowledge about One God, I described Him as the infinite Living Sun That shines giving everyone who perceives It Its purifying light and life force.”

“Tell me, how did you teach spiritual practices? I also want to know if in those lands You had worthy disciples who managed to fulfill in their personal development what You taught them.”

“Yes, I had worthy followers among local Native Americans. They were very apt disciples because they were not burdened with excessive belongings and needless concerns. They also lived a simple life in harmony with nature, understanding it and loving it. So I just supplemented this knowledge of theirs with the knowledge about the Creator of everything that exists and about how one can cognize Him.

“The spiritual Path, like an ordinary earthly life, is full of difficulties and dangers. However, a conscious overcoming of them gives a spiritual warrior an opportunity to develop necessary qualities of the soul in order to attain the Perfection.

“Only this is important for the Creator! Only the correct development of each particular soul is important for Him! And if a spiritual warrior looks at himself or herself and at his or her life in this way, then this person has great chances of victory in the struggle for the Perfection.”

“What spiritual practices did You use in the process of teaching?”

“The first and the most important practice was the dissolution of the soul in the harmony of nature, the mergence with its beauty and the ability to listen to the silence, that is, to remain in the state of inner calm. Of course, this calm must be filled with the emotions of tender love, emanating from the spiritual heart — the main center of the soul.

“I also taught them how to wash thier bodies with transparent, slightly golden Divine Light and how to fill these bodies with tender Divine Fire. This allowed one to heal the diseases of one’s body.

“Then each disciple repeated, in his or her habitual conditions, all that he or she had learned, thus consolidating this knowledge.”

“Did You have disciples who cognized the Creator?”

“Yes, I had some. I initiated them into the higher meditations such as Pyramid, Pentagram, Hexagram, etc. The meditation Pyramid was the basis of many training methods. It is so, because this image is very easy-to-use and that is why numerous meditations can be created on its base.

“I also gave lectures inside My material pyramid, during which I taught the ethical laws of God. This knowledge helped people correctly build relationships with the members of their families and tribes, as well as with the entire surrounding world. This in turn allowed them to live happily and harmoniously.

“Additionally, I taught various sciences and crafts. I taught people to create a human-made beauty.

“This was My daily work, nothing heroic, a constant laborious work on transforming the souls. But joy was also great when the souls became better. They became cleaner and brighter and then — in these qualities — grew quantitatively!

“As a result, I was able to create in this part of the surface of the Earth a very significant center of true spiritual knowledge, which existed for a very long time.”

“Did You have a Divine Teacher?”

“Yes, My Teacher was Adler. He led the life of people in Atlantis, and long before that He was the Creator of the planet Earth.

“He taught Me from His non-incarnate state. I learned from Him what wise calm is and the understanding of the essence of all things and phenomena, as well as of the essence of the Creator.

“He was the One Who sent Me to South America in order to save the true knowledge about the Creator and about the Path to the cognition of Him.

“I saw non-incarnate Adler, heard Him, understood Him, and tried to follow His instructions.

“He, for example, taught Me to merge with Him. From this state, I was able to penetrate the Earth with Divine Fire, by kindling the Flame in the depth under the entire material world. This was the Fire of Divine Giving Love, Which filled all the embodied beings who were capable of attuning to the Love of God with the vital force.

“But before this it was necessary to fully realize the functions of all three main bioenergetic structures now called dantians. In other words, one had to cleanse them and to develop as much as possible.

“Then Adler said to Me the following:

‘Relax! There are no worldly affairs on the Earth for you anymore! There is only I — Boundless, Infinite, and Eternal!

‘Your arms of the soul embrace Me! Your lips of the soul kiss Me! And the entire Infinity responds with Caress to your caresses!

‘Let Divine Love-Tenderness, intensified by you, fill all the infinite space! And you dissolve in Me completely!

‘And let just your arms of the giant spiritual heart continue their normal work of giving Love to all souls, be they Divine, or successfully growing, or yet very small!’”