Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



The name of our new Divine Friend is Roman. His Mahadouble can be found on the seashore.

We ask Him:

“Roman, are you from the Romans?”

“No. I am from the people brought by Krishna from India. The gypsies have their origins in those communities.

“The last time that I incarnated Myself was a long time ago, when the traditions of Krishna were still alive. However, I never met incarnate Krishna, but My life was directed by Him from His non-incarnate state.”

“How did You achieve Divinity?”

“We had a different method. Krishna opened for us the expansion of Himself all at once.”

“Is this a joke?”

“Yes, of course! The methodology of spiritual perfecting, so well-studied by you all, is one for the entire universe!

“However, it is also true that Krishna contributed with His Care and Help to the spiritual progress of all the gypsies of the Earth who wanted it.

“Let there be no other house for you, than the House of the Most High! Let there be no other path for all people, than the Path to Him!

“I will tell you about the best traditions and I will sing the songs of the Great Path! They are the songs of Liberty and Beauty!

“I am looking forward to the moment when our common work begins!”