Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Solar Wind

“What is Your name?”

“Solar Wind.”

“Were You embodied in Russia?”

“No. I lived in Middle Asia long ago. I traveled with trade caravans between Buhara and Samarkand. I lived a free life and preached Islam.”

“What practices did You use?”

“Love for Allah!”

“What can You advise us?”

“Feel Me: My Arms are made of the Subtlest One! Let your Arms, too, be like this! And with these Arms you should act from Me!

“The first thing every mureed has to do is to cast off the ‘dense garment’ of ego: thus one gains a little of Freedom!

“Then follow the refinement of the consciousness and cognition of Me.

“And this continues until the end, until the Freedom of being Me becomes full and absolute!

“You have all the methods needed to realize this — you have much more than the required minimum! By combining these methods and places of power, by choosing the right time, by alternating work and rest, effort and relaxation — you can work for Allah! I will take care about the rest: you are My children!

“To live as a consciousness free from the body while the body is still alive is not a myth, it is possible! Your confidence in this must be unshakable! You have to remove all the limitations produced by the manas. Work patiently on moving the self-awareness to your own Divine Mahadouble which is connected with the entire Primordial Consciousness.”.