Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



On the spiritual Path, the energetical purity of the body is extremely important. One cannot exit into subtle eons from a body contaminated with coarse energies, which originate from one’s own coarse emotions, from a contaminating diet based on ‘killed’ food, from communication with energetically coarse people, from somatic diseases and traumas. Moreover, energetical coarseness present in the body can attract inhabitants of hell, and this may result in possessions leading to somatic problems, to psychic disorders of schizophrenia type, to epilepsy and feeblemindedness.

Therefore in one’s spiritual efforts, the methods of energetical purification of the body have to precede the work on refinement of the consciousness and on increasing its size. In the beginning, they are the methods for cleansing the chakras and the main meridians, washing the body and the cocoon with the help of certain psychophysical exercises and meditation Pranava, also accepting help from plants of power, moving the Kundalini energy through the body, etc. [6]. On the higher stages of spiritual ascent, one finishes this work with the help of the Divine Fire, which is created at first by Divine Teachers (Holy Spirits) and then by the spiritual practitioners themselves.

For many years we have been doing this work at working sites of our Teachers. Yet in our bodies there remained insignificant energetical inclusions different by their subtlety from the subtlety of the Primordial Consciousness.

… Once we worked, as many times before, in the forest inside a giant Mahadouble of Ngomo. That time we studied the mechanisms of how the Representatives of the Creator influence from Their Abode on material objects in the Creation.

Suddenly I noticed movement of energy among young pines growing nearby. I wanted to come there and see: what was it?

Upon entering this place, I found myself in a strong subtle energy field which made final purification of my body without any effort on my side!

At first I was bewildered: we had spent so much time and effort to progress slowly in this work, but here it happened by itself so quickly…

I called my companions:

“Come here. What do you feel at this place?”

They felt the same.

We stepped aside and began to think: was it done for us by Ngomo or was there someone else?

Then we saw a Mahadouble of a Divine Lady standing over this place.

“Was it You who helped us so miraculously? Will You tell us Your name?”

“Yes, it was Me helping you. You deserve it now. And My name is Sufy.”

“Tell us please about Yourself!”

“I grew in Sufi tradition. During many incarnations I was guided by Sufi Grand Master well-known to you.

“In one of My earthly incarnations, He made Me meet Danish Lady, that you know — and We learned together.

“Then I was embodied and worked in Kazakhstan together with Sulia.”

“Are there in Kazakhstan people capable of achieving spiritual heights?”

“We try to create there such a spiritual center. But this work progresses more slowly than We would like it to.

“The spiritual life in Kazakhstan suffered much from the Soviet regime: those who preserved the true spiritual traditions were killed…”

“Were the ideas of Sufism lost completely there or did they survive?”

“There is ‘Sufi whirling’ and other kinds of similar nonsense. But unfortunately there are no people who want to cognize Allah and do deserve it.

“Sufi means pure. Pure — before God and people! Pure in emotions, in desires, in relationships with others, in relationships with any living being! This is what purity before Allah means. And there must be also ever growing love-aspiration to Him: to cognition of Him, to Mergence with Him in the Embrace of Love!

“I cognized this truth. And I brought many souls to the Creator. I continue to provide My help now from the non-incarnate state. I have helped you too! I helped you in the past by suggesting correct decisions in various situations. And every one of you made his or her own choice.

“I will continue helping you! And Every One of Us will! You work not for yourselves! You serve the Evolution, serve God! It is for such people that Allah opens the gate to Him!

“Please tell My message to people:

“Only the one who has purified oneself can help others become purified!

“Once in the past I had purified Myself completely. And therefore I received the necessary knowledge and an opportunity to help others, as I have helped you.”

“Were there such methods of work in the tradition of the School where You learned?”

“Yes, I was taught this. And now I teach it to others from My non-incarnate state. I help deserving people who are at the final stages of the Path to purify themselves.

“I also want to tell you the following:

“Yes, this place is very auspicious for doing purification of the body.

“But purification of the soul, as you know, is done in a completely different way. And one has to do it while living in the body: it cannot be done after the death of the body. And every uncorrected feature of the soul forms negative tendencies in one’s destiny for the next incarnation.

“Here, at this working site, I help you see all non-transparent lumps of energy in your bodies and cocoons and remove them. Here, together with Me, you can create small whirls that capture and move these gray inclusions of energy away from your bodies. Like specks of dust they are sucked into these whirls and casted away. Only the purest transparency remains!

“Such a work is suggested in Sufism only to those students who already possess a large successful experience of purification of both the body and the soul.

“In Sufism they say that a Sufi must not ‘cast shadows’. Of course, it has nothing to do with shadows from the material body. They are shadows ‘cast’ on one’s destiny by non-good states of the soul, even very short ones.

“To destroy in oneself the last remains of such ‘non-transparent’ thoughts and emotions is a task of those who approach the threshold where one has to fill the body with the constant presence of Allah.

“The methods of psychical self-regulation developed in your School allow achieving this goal, provided one has constant self-control!

“The one who has become absolutely pure gains the right to become an Eye of Allah, that Sulia told you about. When the body and the cocoon become similar to a transparent lens, then one gains the ability to manifest through them the Will of the Creator in the material world.”

* * *

“Sufism is a religion of pure ones. Sufi — in translation — means a pure person. In such a person, an absolute purity should be in everything! Each follower of tariqa should necessarily discover and study in himself or herself different directions, branches of himself or herself, so to speak, and maintain purity inside each one of them! This implies a pure style of nutrition, where one should follow the precept: ethically pure people should not use for food those bodies in which we find blood; this concerns all animals. The energies of the body and of the chakras must also be pure. Apart from this, one should maintain the purity of thoughts and emotions.

For those who live in emotions of irritation, condemnation, hatred and malevolence, there is no place on the Path of Purity or the Pure Path. This truth should be reminded all the time to those who have a claim on the title of devoted disciples of God.

* * *

Everyone should never forget the beauty of the morning and the harmony with plants, birds, and Us! Becoming embittered in the conditions of urban life, a person loses Me and all of Us easily! However, the life in the midst of nature embitters as well if one does not do what one should, forgetting about the meaning of one’s life.

Every one of you can start every morning, feeling Me, all of Us, in the rays of the sun, ascending over the forest, sea or steppe! Then each day will pass successfully!