Divine Teachrs — about Themselves


Theodor Kraisky

We are in a park in a city. Over a tall building in this park, there is a Mahadouble of a Divine Teacher.

We ask Him about Himself. He says that He was embodied not long ago in Poland and studied there the highest Yoga.

“When exactly were You incarnate?”

“My life included the year 1917.”

“Are there followers of Your School at present?”


“What techniques did You use?”

“You know these techniques already; they are the same as in your case. The same God-the-Father gave them to Me as He gave them to you. From the very beginning it was Adler. I learned about Him from books. In Germany there are books that help to understand the Essence of Adler.”

“What is Your name?”

“Theodore Kraisky.”

“Why did You choose this building? Do special people live in it?”

“All people living in this building are My children! I carry each one of them in My hands, give them toys…”

“Why do You have such relationships with them?”

“They are all My relatives!”

“Relatives by bodies or by souls?”

He laughs and embraces us…