Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



“My indigenous name T’hya can be translated as Heart of Calm or as Center of the Calm. This is very close to the word hesychia.

“When the soul disappears in the Primordial Calm and becomes the Calm and Transparency of the Divine Consciousness, it opens a passage to the Creative Flame, to the Great Power of the One.

“Adler guided Me. But I did not perceive Him personified, but as the One Divine Power — in contrast to the Great Spirits of our lands, Who also, without a doubt, helped Me.

“I was cognizing the Creator as One God, as One Great Power That creates Everything! The initial techniques for the development of the consciousness were a little different than yours, but they were very similar on the last steps of the Path.

“It now makes sense to explain the work with the Power of Fire.

There exists One Ocean of the Creative Power, of the Living Divine Energy of Fire That fills everything and creates everything that exists. Those Who become consubstantial with this Ocean of Power obtain the ability to create with Its help. Such a person can learn to control the Flow of the Power of Fire directing it through the structures of the body or by some other means.

“There also exists the possibility to direct the Flow of the Power transforming it and manifesting it in different levels of subtlety.

“To begin with, one should do this with one’s own body, transforming it into the Mobile Flame, so that the body can conduct the Divine Power through itself.”

T’hya showed how the Flow of Power, the Flow of the Divine fluid Fire, could be taken with the Arms of the Consciousness and, by stretching or expanding It, be brought near the different structures and organs of the body filling them “from the other side”.

“The Living Energy of the Creator controls — on different planes of subtlety — the vital processes in the bodies of plants, animals, and humans. It also controls sexual energy, as well as Kundalini energy. Those, who know how to remain in the Unity, use the knowledge of these Laws manifesting only the Will of the Creator, and not their own personal power.

“Such a person becomes a brother or sister for all beings and does not do violence on their own free will. Such a person can help those who want to find Love, Liberty, Knowledge, and Unity with the Primordial Power of the Creator.

“This knowledge was the foundation for the ability to heal that I possessed as a Nagual. I was a Master of healing souls and bodies, and, through this, I would open the Path to the Creator for those who were worthy.”

“When did you live on the Earth?”

“Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the area of the Great Lakes. Later, I went further north. I did not involve Myself in the indigenous people’s fight for liberty from the conquerors; instead, I opened the Higher Freedom for those who sought it. I possessed the mystery of the silence of the heart and carried many people through this passage.

“The people began to come to Me as to a great Healer, and to those, who were capable of encompassing it, I helped them to find the life of the Spirit and the Freedom.”