Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



Over a high steep bank of the sea, we found a Mahadouble of an unusual form.

“Who are You? What is Your name?”

“The Lord of the universe!”

“But what was Your name in the last incarnation?”

“Enter into Me! Then you will know it!”

We enter His Mahadouble.


“Who was Your Teacher?”

“Sufi Grand Master.”

Titan shows that He came to these lands from Arabia. And He brought here the knowledge received from Sufi Grand Master. It was the first school of Sufi knowledge founded in this land. Near to this place, by the way, there was a Sufi library. Titan was not related to the School of Pythagoras.

“What methods did You use?”

“Sufi whirling: the cone of the consciousness expanding to the Abode of the Creator. But prior to this, one had to develop anahata. It is the growth of anahata that I direct into the Depths of Mine.”

“Why do You have such an unusual form of the Mahadouble?”

“It is the form of a tower, a tower — for going down to the Depths! One has to go backward-depthward inside My Mahadouble, pushing the hands against the Mahadouble’s walls. In this way, step by step, one can go deeper and deeper in order to drown forever in the Ocean of Bliss, in the Depths of Me!”

“Can Your methods be useful for us?”

“No. You should not use them! Your present methods are much better than those used by Me.”

“Can we bring other people to this place for training?”

“Of course, you can! But not with the purpose of cognizing Me, My Deepest Essence. With the help of the methods which I had, I managed to bring Inside almost no one. Only I Myself achieved success… and ‘one and a half students traversed a half of the Path’…

“Now I know that the one who suggests only one method should not be trusted by everyone!…”