Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



We are approaching a big hill overgrown with birches, located among sphagnum swamps in fir forest. Even at the foot of the hill, one can feel “gaps” leading into the higher spatial dimensions and perceive very well the boundaries between the eons, which can be likened to membranes between the strata of water and transparent oil contained in the same vessel. On this place, it is very convenient to acquaint beginner students with realities of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute.

Yet, the most interesting thing is seen behind the top of the hill. There a Divine Soul shines like a rising “Divine Sun”!

We enter with our bodies into It, dissolve by the souls in Its Bliss!…

Then we begin to become acquainted.

“My name is Yamamata. I am from the Land of the rising sun, from the northern part of the Japanese archipelago: from the Kurils. I was embodied there at the time when the Kurils were not a part of the country of Japan.

“Japan is called the Land of the rising sun. And I developed Myself as a Sun rising from the ocean — as if from ‘the edge of the Earth’.”

“Were You related to the Divine Emperor of Japan?”

“No. I was incarnated centuries before Him. And I am not related in any way to the art of sword.

“… Our community lived as one family. We worshipped the sun — as a personification of God. And we learned to merge with it — as with a Divine Soul. First, we would spread by the spiritual hearts over the ocean, then turn ourselves into an image of the sun — above the horizon or behind, below it. And from that point, as you know: there remains only one little step to the Abode of the Creator.”

“What would You advise us?”

“Your flame is growing for all people of the Earth! And it warms already the hearts of many people! Do not fade away, as an earthly fire may fade! Let the Celestial Flame of the Father, His Divine Light shine through you for all the Earth! I will help you! I will act through your bodies!

“Pay attention to those people who can shine like Me!

“My Sun rises for those who are devoted in their hearts to Me.

“If a heart is open to Me completely, My Sun can enter it — and such a heart begins to shine with My Light.

“I am a Representative of the most ancient religion on the Earth — the religion of worshipping the Sun: the ‘Sun of God’!

“The sun rises in order to shine. To shine is a fundamental principle of working with the ‘Sun of God’!

“I want to give you the state of the rising ‘Sun of God’ — the state of Dawn, which is always with you!

“When you become a Rising Sun, your heart will be a Giving and Warming Source of Love!”

“Tell us please a little about Yourself, about the culture and customs of your nation, about how you learned!”

“Listen!… And try to experience all My meditations so that you imprint them with the consciousness!

“In those ancient times on these islands there lived people possessing a high spiritual culture. The climate was warm, our way of life was simple, our nutrition was pure. We fed on cereals, fruits, and plants from the sea.

“We had light boats, similar to modern kayaks, but with a keel for better stability. We traveled on these boats between islands, collected sea plants, and meditated.”

… Yamamata shows: there is the oceanic expanse everywhere — wherever you look! Soft waves on the surface of the ocean… The human body and boat are infinitesimally small compared to the expanse!

“There is the ‘ocean’ of light-air above, the ‘ocean’ of light-water below! In these conditions, spiritual hearts grew and expanded successfully!

“It was also habitual for us to dive into water permeated with sunlight and to collect sea plants. We learned it from childhood. The skill of diving was quite natural for us, as well as the ability to feel oneself as the whole tatva of water

“It was easy to learn and to teach meditations, because the worldview of these people included the knowledge about God and about the meaning of the soul’s existence in the material body.

“We worded it very concisely, like this: ‘The Earth is a tiny islet of manifested life in the Infinite Multi-deep Ocean of God. The Ocean contains many such islets of manifested life. And everyone embodied on an islet has to grow to the subtlety of the Ocean’s Depth and to the size of the Ocean — and then to merge with It!’

“The Sun of the physical world was a symbol of a passage to the World of Light-Fire located in the depth of the Ocean. An image of the Sun — like the Nirvana yantra — allowed the consciousness to move to the other side in relation to the manifested world. There one had to learn to feel arms, to swim with their help, to move deeper, and to dissolve oneself.”

“Did You achieve immortality of Your material body, Yamamata?”

“We had a different tradition. Those who came close to the final stages mastered the art of incarnation. This allowed one to gain a new material body — with the required qualities of the energy of matter — through a natural birth. The memory of the consciousness was retained in this case.

“Of course, it is possible only when the society is highly developed spiritually. And the correct education allowed one to ‘recall oneself’!

“Periods between incarnations were short. Several such incarnations in this region allowed Me to finish the program of personal evolution.

“On the final stages, We learned to live perceiving the material world from the other side — from the Creator. Being the Ocean of the Creator, We stretched Arms into the world of the Creation — and every Part of the Consciousness smiled and gave bliss to incarnate creatures capable of perceiving.

“Thus the Life of the Ocean gradually became the Essence of Every One of Us.

“… And then… I did not need to embody Myself for development, because since then I developed in every incarnate creature of My Infinite Beingness. I grew in every such a life — and then absorbed it into Myself.

“This is how I live now!”