Compiled and edited by Vladimir Antonov
Published by CreateSpace
ISBN 978-1438287485

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko, Ph.D. (in physics),
and Anton Teplyy
Correctors of the English translation:
Keenan Murphy and Hiero Nani

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Since the very beginning of the existence of humankind on the Earth, God has been teaching people what He wants them to be, what the meaning of human life is, and how one can realize it.

Many times God incarnated into human bodies in order to help people to understand the purpose of their existence on the Earth and the laws of spiritual development. He also imparted many most valuable instructions and precepts through prophets — people who gained the ability of conversing with Him.

Let us look at what He has been teaching from the time of Atlantis up to our days. We may see that His Teachings were the same, though imparted through different Messiahs and prophets in slightly different words which depended on concrete cultural traditions and political situations.

One can use the texts and citations on this site both for gaining general philosophical knowledge and for applying to oneself concerete precepts of God — in order to make oneself closer to the ethical perfection.