Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



“I was a personal Disciple of Huang Di, and I will be one of Those Who will direct the process of the creation of the new spiritual School in China.

“The essence of what is happening to you now, as well as of all the spiritual development of human beings, is contained in the following formula: ‘Path from “oneself” — to the Creator!’. The same idea can be expressed with different words: ‘Path from a lower “I” — to the Higher “I”’.

“The principal methodological component of such a development is a correct growth of the spiritual heart! This is how a connection between a person and God is established according to the formula: ‘From a heart — to the Heart!’.

“Thus the spiritual hearts merge.

“All the rest is nothing but ‘candy wrappers’ and ‘overtones’…

“In a musical composition, there is a fundamental melody, which can be embellished with other sounds called overtones…

“On the spiritual Path a ‘fundamental melody’ is the mergence of the spiritual hearts of one person with another and of one person with God.

“And then all those spiritual hearts that have achieved the Divinity merge into the United We.

“This is a very simple formula and method!

“It is essential for every one to form a habit of studying and practicing these rules!”