Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



One autumn day, we were walking slowly on a forest trail, admiring the sunrise that had just begun.

Suddenly, to the right of the trail, we saw a very bright Divine Mahadouble, consisting of the Divine Fire, and not of the Divine Light, as is normally the case.

We saw that the Mahadouble, as it turned out, occupied a part of the trail in front of us. So, we enter It and immediately feel very tender and very intense Divine Fire in our bodies, especially in the anahatas. In these chakras — the Highest Bliss, Samadhi is born.

After approximately half an hour, when we had satiated ourselves with this state, we began trying to learn more about this Divine Teacher.

He calls Himself Khem. He incarnated in Atlantis and in ancient Egypt, where He helped — from His Divine level — the spiritual growth of disciples worthy of this.

We ask Him: “Can we go to the hill where the center of Your Mahadouble with Your Face clearly visible can be found”.

However, He objected saying:

“Let’s wait until spring. In spring, when the snow melts, come here! Until then you have to prepare yourselves!”

We resigned ourselves and went to other working sites of other Divine Teachers, such as Adler, Volhva, and Eagle. In these places, it is possible to dissolve oneself in the Transparent Calm (the state of Turiya of God) and “jump into the abyss”, where one merges with the Ocean of Divine Light — to then move from this Light, filling the giant Form of Volhva’s Mahadouble…

So, we began preparing ourselves for spring.

* * *

In the spring, Khem gave us his approval to begin the meditative work in the center of His Mahadouble.

We went in there and studied the situation. Then He began to speak:

“Recognize the changes that have happened to you all during the winter. Understand that in autumn you were not able to perceive Me completely, but now you can!”

Khem began to explain, at the same time showing His favorite meditation techniques. His preferred state during His Divine Incarnation in Egypt and after it was Consubstantiality with the Ocean of the Divine Fire. He could come out of this Fire with a part of Himself and go to the Creation in the Form of giant Pyramid, consisting of Fire.

As a result, the incarnate disciples of God, who have already sufficiently developed to learn these Divine states, could enter the Pyramid at its upper part (which is more convenient) and later fill the Pyramid completely in a gradual manner and unite themselves with the Ocean from Which this Pyramid rises. Later, these disciples could ascend, being the Ocean of Fire, to the material world, including their own bodies, and transform the latter, using this Divine Fire.

* * *

Over the next few months, Khem taught us the most valuable methods of this work and later presented us to other Divine Teachers, Whose names were Isis and Master M. They, together with Jesus, Adler, Eagle and Others, now teach us new techniques of self-perfecting.