Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



A Divine Soul unknown to us filled the anahatas of our bodies with Her state. Her Divine Love opened the infinite expanses of the Divine Fire. Her entire Appearance transmits Joy, Youth, Purity, and the state of the tenderest Fire!

“Please tell us something about Yourself!”

“I incarnated and achieved the Divinity in Atlantis at the time when its civilization was in prosperity.”

“Have You achieved all of this, being so young?”

“Yes. It is a result of a great positive experience in My previous earthly lives and of the help of the wise Instructors Who were present in My last incarnation.

“There were many Atlanteans like Me at that time in Atlantis!

“But now I intend to talk about something else.

“People should know both the positives and negatives of the history of their own country and of other countries! It is very important!

“The first and foremost thing, which God expects from each person to open the Path to Him is the developed ethical component. However, the ability to understand things in an ethically correct way cannot be developed in the conditions of a narrow horizon, in the conditions in which one does not have the experience of ethical evaluation of the acts of many other people. Studying history allows one to observe not just the particular decisions of one person or another, but also their consequences.

“Without a doubt, people should also have standards of righteousness. I am talking about the decisions taken, in one situation or another, by Those Who have already achieved the Perfection, who have already cognized the Heavenly Father and have flowed into Him.

“It is necessary to look for such answers not just in antiquity, for in those times there were completely different traditions that should now be revised and remodeled. There was then also a different level of human knowledge. I am talking about the trend which is now called ‘fundamentalism’. Let us understand that this trend contributes to many crimes before people and before God! The perpetrators of such crimes usually think that they serve God with their acts, maintaining the foundations of the faith of their ancestors. However, they do not know anything about the attitude of God towards their ‘service’! Sadly, only in hell, do these people finally understand how wrong they were.

“Let us understand that such ‘adherence to the past’ does not favor the progress of humanity in any way. On the contrary, it hinders the use of new scientific knowledge, including the knowledge about the methodology of spiritual perfecting.

“In trying to form the worldview, the emphasis must be placed on what God has taught people throughout the entire history of human existence on the Earth and on what He teaches now. Beautiful examples of collections, which contain such knowledge, are this and other books, published by you all.

“It is necessary to guard and to bring to the next generations both the treasures of spiritual knowledge, accumulated by humanity, as well as the experience of committed errors. Such experience should also stay in one’s memory! ‘Rewriting’ the history of their own countries with the purpose of ‘ennobling it’, as well as ‘giving a heroic character’ to crimes, is something that influences very badly on the spiritual growth of masses of people, including future generations!

“I would also like to emphasize that people have no basis to feel pride about belonging to one nation or another or to one country or another! All nationalities are equal before God!

“And God does not evaluate people by their nationalities. He has completely different criteria for this!

“People should not reproach others for the fact that the history of that person’s country was negative at a certain stage.

“The experience of other people, who performed heroic or criminal acts, cannot be the basis for glorification of oneself or for contempt towards others!

“It is essential, especially for the leaders of countries, to remember the errors of the past that led to bloody wars and other catastrophes.

“For it so happens that such leaders, being intoxicated by their power and esteem, as well as by the power of their influence on the masses, do not notice the border behind which their own errors become irreparable!

“This is why, it is important that people, who are guided by sublime spiritual ideals, be at the head of people — but not the gaudily ambitious, aggressive, and greedy people.

“The leaders of countries, as well as the leaders of religious and others organizations, have a special responsibility before God for the spiritual development of many people. It would be good if such leaders always keep this in mind!

“They should realize that each one of them, just like any other person, forms his or her personal destiny for the future — with his or her own current decisions and acts. And such a destiny can be beautiful or horrible!

“It is appropriate for each person in each moment to apply the maximum effort to become spiritually better, feeling oneself on the Palm of the Hand of God. For God observes everyone in every moment, and He sees all of one’s thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

“And this concerns leaders even more! For many others imitate them! So their responsibility before God is much greater.

“Your job is to continue to explain true spiritual values!”